Joondalup Family Centre

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Pre-kindy Philosophy

We believe that children are capable, inquisitive and caring individuals who take an active role in their own learning. Our Educators/staff will provide an environment which allows them to become an important and influential part of our JFC community.

Our educators will aim to develop meaningful relationships with our children so we can understand their unique needs and personalities. We also believe that families are a child’s first teachers. By developing a positive relationship with our families we can further gain valuable insight into each child. Fostering relationships with our families and children will enable us to best support each child to flourish.

We recognize that the transition to school is a major step for children and their families. Therefore we will endeavour to provide a play based program that supports children to develop the confidence and skills needed for this transition.

Through our program we will acknowledge the rich diversity of Australian culture. We will endeavour to include culturally relevant content that promotes respect for all culture and challenges discrimination. Indigenous culture and perspectives will form a key part of our curriculum to promote a positive attitude towards reconciliation. 

We will continue to review our program and practice to ensure the best possible outcomes for our children and families. We will work with our JFC community to achieve this.


Policy & Procedures

6.2 Fees and Charges Policy

Joondalup Family Centre aims to provide quality education and care at affordable rates. Fee levels will be set by Management and the Management Committee and will be reviewed each year. Our fees will be clearly displayed on the website and in promotional material. 

6.2.1 Fee Policy

 6.6 Children's Health and Safety

The health and safety of children attending the centre is of paramount importance. We aim to provide an environment and operations that adhere to the health and safety laws in Western Australia and ensure that we have policies and procedures in place so that:

  • Management provide a safe working environment for the staff
  • Employees meet their health and safety obligations and are safe in the environment
  • Visitors, children and families enter a safe environment

Our policies and procedures ensure the health and safety needs of children are met through implementing practices relating to: nutrition, food, beverages, and dietary requirements; sun protection; water safety, including safety during any water-based activities; tobacco, alcohol and illicit drugs; sleep and rest; child protection; and a child safe environment. We are committed to providing a safe environment for children to play and learn and for educators to support and nurture the children’s learning experience.

6.6.1 Nutrition Policy

6.6.2 Sun Safe Policy

6.6.3 Water Safety Policy

6.6.6 Child Protection Policy

6.6.7 Child Safe Environment Policy

6.6.10 Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

6.6.11 Infectious Disease Policy

6.6.12 Administration of First Aid Policy

6.6.13 Medical Conditions Policy