Joondalup Family Centre

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Term 1
Monday 3rd February - Thursday 9th April

Term 2
Monday 28th April - 3rd July

Term 3
Monday 20th July - Friday 25th September

Term 4
Monday 12th October - Friday 11th December




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The Joondalup Family Centre Pre-Kindergarten Program aims to provide a program that focuses on a child's social development, through child initiated activities that enable children to experience learning in a fun-filled, supportive and caring environment.  The program will enhance a child's self-esteem, use of appropriate problem-solving skills, respect for people’s cultural diversities and overall social development, in an inclusive environment.

Children learn as they play.  For example, math’s is learnt using blocks and puzzles and recognising shapes, sizes and positions. Social skills are developed through sharing, taking turns and role-playing.  Our program is structured, though very flexible and dependant on the needs of the group.

We have classes of 15 children, run by a qualified teacher and an  assistant.

Children can attend for one or four sessions per week. child graphics

Tuesday        9:00am to 1:00pm      $45  per session          (eg: $450.00 10 week terms)  

Wednesday   9:00am to 1:00pm      $45 per session          

Thursday       9:00am to 1:00pm      $45  per session          

Friday            9:00am to 1:00pm      $45  per session          

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is licensed through the Child Care Licensing Board and follows guidelines set by State, Federal and governing regulatory offices.

We have limited vacancies still available for 2020. To find out more contact our  team on 9300 3036.

Pre-kindy Enrolment Form  - PDF
3s Plus FAQs - PDF
Childrens Services Handbook - PDF