Joondalup Family Centre

Please call 9300 3036


Child health nurses at the centre work holistically with families with babies and infants 0 - 4 years of age. They offer of a universal home visit to all newborn babies. From the age of six weeks onwards infants are seen at the centre according to the schedule in the purple, 'All About Me' parent held record. In addition to these scheduled visits parents can contact the child health nurse at any time for an appointment if they wish to discuss the development and care of their children.

The emphasis at the scheduled visits is assessment and screening to ensure early detection and intervention for any developmental issues. The nurses can make referrals for mothers who may be at risk of postnatal depression and, when required, to other agencies such as child development centres and general practitioners. Along with this child health nurses can provide a broad range of information on breastfeeding, sleep management, nutrition and behaviour management.

The clinic is open 9:00am – 4:00pm Monday to Wednesday by appointment only.

Contact the Clinic Nurse on 9300 2202

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