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Membership Form

Membership Form

Joondalup Family Centre is a not-for-profit community organisation funded in part by members’ fees and donations which are essential to its continued operations. Membership operates on a calendar year. Renewals are sent out annually in November. 

Type of Member
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*Items marked with an asterisk are mandatory.  Failure to complete this information will result in automatic rejection of the membership application.

I confirm that the information I have provided in this form is correct and I agree to be bound by the Rules of Association for the Joondalup Family Centre (“the Centre”).  I agree that the Centre may contact me by email with newsletters, surveys and similar marketing purposes.

While the Centre takes reasonable care to ensure the premises are kept in good condition, I understand that there are risks involved in any activity I undertake at the Centre’s premises (whether organised by the Centre or otherwise) and to the extent permitted by law, the Centre will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs or expenses which may arise in connection with my participation in any activity at the Centre.


I understand that any membership fee payable must be paid within 30 days of receipt of an invoice and is not refundable (in whole or in part) unless otherwise agreed by the Centre in writing.  Membership is not formalised until the Committee approves the membership and payment is received by the Centre.

Terms and Conditions:

How we manage your information

The types of personal information the Centre collects may include your name, company/organisation, position, address, contact telephone numbers and email address.

Your personal information will be kept securely and confidentially by the Centre and access will only be given to those staff or Committee members to the extent they require access to update or collate the information, or send out newsletters and surveys. 

The Centre maintains personal information on members and other stakeholders, firstly in order to provide information relating to the Centre’s activities, events and projects and also to collect demographic information on the numbers and categories of users of its facilities and programs for the Department of Communities.  This demographic information provided is de-identified and anonymous.  Under no circumstances will any personal information be passed on to the Department of Communities or any other third parties. 

At all times you are entitled to access your own personal information held by the Centre and to seek to have it corrected.  Please contact the Centre Manager should you wish to do this.

If you have a complaint about how we collect, hold, use or disclose your personal information or a privacy related issue such as a refusal to provide access, please refer to the Centre’s privacy policy (located on our website) so that we can deal with your complaint effectively and efficiently.


Joondalup Family Centre Booking Form

Activity details:

Joondalup Family Centre Booking Form

Rooms available for booking include a large Activity Room with fully fenced outdoor play area and a meeting room. 

Contact details:

Booking details:

 Activity details:

Expected outcomes of Activity:

Payment details:

Bond refund details:


All Centre users are required to become Centre members for a minimal cost (see Membership on our website). This form will act as acceptance of this membership. 

I/We have read the term and conditions of hire and the Venue hire policy Guidelines. I agree to the term outlined in these documents. I also achnowledge that if I cancel my booking for any reason, I must give at least 7 days notice or my fee will not be refunded. 

Terms and Conditions: