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It is our aim to provide a variety of programs and services to meet the needs of local families, community organisations and groups. Joondalup Family Centre is able to operate with financial support  from The Department of  Communities.  We would like to acknowledge the ongoing support from the Department of Communities and our Peak body, Linkwest.

Our Philosophy

Our Centre Vision is “to reconnect people and build a dynamic, cohesive community that grows together.” All the programs and services facilitated or supported by the Joondalup Family Centre work together to achieve this vision.

At the Joondalup Family Centre, we believe that every child is an individual and should be cared for and educated in a positive, nurturing manner. We work to support families in their parenting and encourage them to be active participants in our service.

For the Parent

We promote parental confidence through the provision of quality care and play-based educational programs. We will develop a sense of trust and partnership between parents, children, educators and administrative staff through open communication, honesty and respect. The centre will promote and develop a consistency between the centre practices and home by offering support and information on child rearing practices.

For the Child

Each child will be provided with a safe and hygienic environment that is stimulating and challenging, allowing them to explore and achieve. Our play-based educational programs assist each child to develop at their own rate enhancing their confidence, curiosity and imagination. Our programs encourage independence and strengthen each child’s self-esteem, allowing them to reach their full potential both emotionally and physically.

Our programs reflect Australia’s multi-cultural society, enhancing the children’s awareness and respect of cultural differences and similarities.

The children will be cared for and educated by qualified staff, who are dedicated, knowledgeable and supportive of each child’s individual needs.

For the Staff

Staff will work collaboratively, sharing their knowledge with one another and the community. They will be involved in decision-making and respected for their individual qualities and experience. Staff will be committed to extending their skills and abilities through ongoing professional development. Communication between management, the committee and community members will be open and positive. Management will endeavour to ensure continuity amongst the staff by being supportive and acknowledging the staff’s contribution to the service.

For the Community

The Centre will integrate into existing support networks and take an active interest in other community groups. Programs and projects include the Supporting Parents and Carers Initiative, Intergenerational Connections Project, Community Conversations and the Joondalup Neighbourhood Garden.

Our Vision

Reconnect. Build. Grow.

Our Mission

To reconnect people and build a diverse, cohesive community that grows together.

Our Values

Integrity, respect, collaboration, trust.


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